Hair growth

The hair grows in almost every part of our body, the only place where hair does not grow are, the soles of the feet, palms of our hand, ours, and other genital areas, scare tissue, the navel and other part. Hair is a arranged keratinized epithelium which consist of multiple flat layer cells that uses a filament that look more like a rope to build and provide support to the hair shaft.The human hair consist of different type and its type of cellular construction, which are androgenicand vellus hair.

What you should know about Hair growth

Hair follicle are tinyhole in our skin form whichthe hair grow. It grow as results of packing old cells together. Inside this cells are attached glands called sebaceous glands. Inside the top of the follicle are glands known as the sebaceous glands which are responsible for secreting some kind of oils substances (sebum that are almost in every of the skin except on the lips, the palm and the sole of our feet) that lubricate the hair. The number of sebaceous glands present the follicle will determine the thickness of this hair. There are some tiny bundles of muscle fiber called erector pilli that helps the raising of our hair to create some kind of warm layer around the our skin, to prevent heat loss. Deep inside this hair follicle, are the hair bulb. This hair bulb consist of the cells that are responsible for secreting keratin (a fibrous structure protein that stimulate the hair growth) and pigment melanin- responsible for hair coloration.

The surface of the epidermis is punctuated by shaft called root sheath, this is where the hair shaft exits. The hair shaft are made up of dead cells – consist of some keratin fibres and small amount of water. Hair shaft has three layer – the cuticle, the  cortex and the medulla. This layer have each purpose which they serve like maintaining structure and colour of the shaft in their own ways. Since, the hair shaft are compose of dead cell, that’s why we don’t feel any when we cut out our hair.

Since the do not grow at a constant rate. Instead, the hair go through some stages that is physically distinctive. In the way in which the hair grow in this stage is determined by genetics.  its first stage known as anagen, is the growing phase which is about 85 – 90% of the overall cycle and last for a give perio while catagen (also known as transition stage) and telogen (the resting stage) take about 10 -15% of the cycle.

Benefits of maintaining a healthy hair growth

What most people don’t know important that having a healthy hair can contribute to you have a healthy scalp as well. You think that taking care of you hair by moisturizing it, applying sunscreen or put on a hat protector from the sun and washing regular, that you are only doing good to hair, but the thing is a healthy hair lead to health scalp and healthy scalp leads to health healthy, vice versa.

When you take care of your hair and scalp the way you suppose to, be rest reassures that not sorry about any dandruff in your hair.

You know when you have a healthy hair it a prove that you have a healthy body. The same thing goes down with hair loss or poor quality hair when you hair becomes brittle, dry and lose hair more than usual, is maybe because you are not getting enough nutrition from the food you are eating or your health has been compromise in one way or the other.

Having a full healthy, beautiful hair can earn you more respect and even increase your self-esteem and confidence since you have nothing to worry about about compare to when you have a hair lining, dandruff or hair baldness at your middle age.

Hair condition that need special

Dandruff: These are white scaly flake that appears at the roots of the hair as a results of dandruff. It usually occurs as result of stress, use of alkaline shampoo, unbalance diet and so on.

Hair loss: It is normal to loss our hair on a daily basis but when we lose than often then, you should know that something is wrong. This usually occur as a result of androgenic alopecia, telogen effluvium, pregnancy, medication, nutrition deficiencies and so on.

Dry hair: This occur when hair our doesn’t get or retain enough moisture. This usually occur as a result of shampooing your hair than offen, living a hot and humid climate it, spending more time in the sun and so on.Otherproblem associate hair growth also includes Split ends, Oily or greasy hair, Frizzy hair, Heat damaged hair and other.

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